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  1. YBIKE Extreme

    YBIKE Extreme

    89,00 €

    Hoidke alt, siit tulevad uued tasakaalurattad!
    Euroopas juba tohutu edu saavutanud tasakaalurattad asuvad maailma vallutama.
    Erinevad läbi viidud katsed näitavad selgelt, et parem on väikelaste ratastel abirattaid mitte kasutada.
    Abivahendite kasutamine pärsib väikelapse jämemotoorsete oskuste arengut.

  2. Yedoo Fifty 50 B

    Laste jooksuratas Yedoo Fifty 50 B

    79,00 €

    An easy, fun way to teach your children balance and get them ready for their first bicycle.

    The Yedoo Fifty 50 is a popular balance bike that makes family trips much more fun for children, teaching them to keep their balance and getting them ready for riding a regular bicycle. The hand grips with safety ends and the rear v-brake with a junior brake lever (only on the Fifty B model) make the bike even safer, preventing unnecessary tumbles. This bike is comfortable for young children to ride, with ergonomically shaped seat and appropriate distance between seat and handlebars. The Yedoo Fifty 50 will grow with your child.

  3. Yedoo Pidapi 12 ALU

    Laste jalgratas Yedoo Pidapi 12 ALU

    169,00 €

    Smallest children bike with lightweight aluminium frame.

    One of the most important factors for a comfortable ride is the weight of the bike. Pidapi 12 is also produced in lite aluminium frame version, weighting only 7,2kg.

  4. Yedoo Pidapi 12 STEEL

    Laste jalgratas Yedoo Pidapi 12 STEEL

    149,00 €

    Smallest children bike with steel frame.

    Children bike Pidapi 12 weights 7,9kg in the steel version. Due to its construction, the seat can be lowered to 45cm weight, which makes it suitable for younger riders.

  5. smarTrike® Running Bike 2-in-1

    Laste jooksuratas smarTrike® Running Bike 2-in-1

    60,00 €

    The fastest way to teach independent balance with smarTrike®’s ultimate 2-in-1 Running Bike .

    smarTrike® Running Bike is the fastest way to teach independent balance on a bike. This unique bike teaches children confidence before pedaling by developing the skills of balance and coordination, so that when they are older, they can easily ride a bicycle. The bike converts from a low balance bike to a high balance bike by simply flipping the frame so it is also suitable for taller kids.

    Designed for ages 2-5 years.

    Smart flip-frame
    Dual component comfort-ride seat
    10” fun-tread maintenance-free rubber wheels
    Adjustable seat & handle bar height
    Metal Frame

  6. YBIKE Y Velo

    YBIKE Y Velo

    75,00 €

    More Information about the Y Velo!

    Get ready for balance bikes!! Already a massive success in Europe balance bikes are set to become a worldwide trend. Tests in Germany and other countries clearly show the benefits of not using balancing aids such as training wheels and stabilisers on children’s bikes. The use of balancing aids such as these have in fact been shown to slow the development of motor skills such as balance.

    Our new YVelo gives your child the opportunity to learn to balance and progress to bicycle cycling quicker! Y Velo also has the most appealing design of all the balance bikes out there.

    What does the Y Velo offer your child?
    Lightweight but strong aluminium Frame
    Rubber over-mould wheels, great comfort and grip with no punctures
    Larger wheels, Designed for safer play and easier riding on uneven surfaces
    Higher ground clearance means the frame won't get caught on uneven ground providing a safer ride
    Older child fork rake means safer steering
    Cartridge wheel bearings giving great long-lasting durability and a smooth ride
    Comfy beam saddle so your child can slide up closer to the handlebar and slide back as they grow taller
    Indestructible build quality means a lightweight but long lasting bike
    Maximum loading weight: 55.1lbs [25kgs]
    Product weight: 7.9lbs [3.6kgs]
    Product dimensions (L x W x H): 84 x 35.5 x 58 cm
    Seat height: 34-46 cm

    Suitable for ages 3+ years.

  7. YBIKE Glider Deluxe

    YBIKE Glider Deluxe

    69,00 €

    The Y Glider Deluxe kick scooter can be used indoors as well as outdoors and is a great way to help your little one develop their balance, co-ordination and motor skills. This kids scooter is designed with a unique steering mechanism which helps the user to learn how to steer correctly. Perfect for first time riders, this self-propelling mini scooter allows younger children to comfortably enjoy scooting at their developmental stage. Using the unique “Lean to Steer” method that is more natural and developmentally in line with the motor skills of young children. The Y Glider Deluxe also helps develop their critical balance and coordination skills.

    What does the Y Glider Deluxe offer your child?
    Unique ‘Lean to Steer’ method for steering
    Handlebar height 67cm
    Soft rubber hand grips for a comfortable ride
    Wide deck with suspension for a safe and stable ride
    PU casted wheels for durability
    Easy touch rear safety brake for quick and easy stopping
    Lightweight aluminium handle bar that’s also removable for quick and easy storage
    Maximum loading weight: 44lbs [20kgs]
    Product weight: 4.4lbs [2kg]
    Product dimensions (L x H x W): 57 x 68 x 28 cm
    Suitable for ages 3+

  8. Scootrix Noise Maker, Blue

    Scootrix Noise Maker

    11,90 €

    Toode tellimisel

    Scootrix Noise Maker features four super-cool sound effects to make sure everyone knows you’re whizzing along the pavement towards them. Sound effects: Police siren, turbo boost, horn and Laser Zap.
    Fits to any scooter with the flexible silicone attachment.

  9. Laste jooksuratas Puky LR 1L Br, Princess Lillifee, al. 2,5a. või 90cm
  10. Scoot Beamz

    Scoot Beamz

    7,90 €

    Scoot Beamz are fun, bright lights, which will keep your little scooter visible when you are heading home.

     They are easy to attach, you just need to wrap the strap around the pole of your scooter and fasten tight.

     Press the button on the front of your Scoot Beamz to activate, and press again for different settings and to turn off. The light has three settings - fast flash, slow flash and constant.

     Scoot Beamz work with all brands of scooter, and they are available in four bright colours - yellow, green, blue and pink. Batteries will provide 50 hours of light and are replaceble.


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