District C 050 Scooter

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179,00 €


For the first time ever - The revolutionary Pytel Compression system is now available on a complete scooter from District.

The C 050 Scooter comes with this compression system - Developed by Michael Pytel. It is intended to work as well as SCS compression but without the hassle of compression bolts. The system lets you dial your scooter almost while riding it - It as simple as tightening the bolts on the clamp on a regular scooter.

District C 050 Scooter, mint

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Tootja District
Värv Mint, Must, Valge, Valge/Punane
Kaal 3.3140
Ratta läbimõõt 110mm
Kõrgus 82cm
Tallalaua pikkus 52cm (20.5'')
Tallalaua laius 11cm (4.3'')
Tallalauad One-piece
Tallalaua materjal Alumiinium
Lenksu kõrgus 560mm
Lenksu laius 560mm
Lenksu materjal Alumiinium
Klamber Triple
Kaelakausid Integrated
Headtube angle 81°
Kahvli tüüp Threadless
Kahvel One-piece
Laagrid ABEC-7
Wheel hardness 86A
Ratta profiil Narrow
Velje materjal Alumiinium
Velje disain Spoked
Pidurid Flex Fender
Assembly Partly assembled