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459,00 €

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Scooter KOSTKA TOUR DOG 3 is for lovers and breeders medium-large dogs not only for everyday walking, but for longer trips. Scooter TOUR DOG 3 offers a fun not only for you but for your pet dog. Speed riding a scooter is very similar to the rate of free-running dog. Dog scooter is equipped with a flexible guide a flexible adapter that allows the safe keeping of the dog. Scooter TOUR DOG 3 also meets the demanding requirements of recreational mushing - the rider is pulled by a dog.

Safety reliably secure the front and rear rim brakes Shimano Alivio. Dog scooter is equipped with a coarse coat for easy slowdown dog and the terrain even at high speeds. For additional security is provided with a special tread bottom welds, which protects the scooter when potential conflict situations. Scooter KOSTKA TOUR DOG 3 is based on a number of innovations to fundamentally affect driveability, comfort and speed of the rider. The biggest change is a new concept in the frame where the main changes include a new angle tube, new front fork angle and change the angle of the rear fork and including connection to tread. The base frame is an innovative tapered design. With all these changes, the scooter perfectly passable in the corners, especially during fast rides. During development, the emphasis on optimal stiffness for perfect rider comfort. The result of all these changes is to exceptional driveability.

The driving force scooters wheels are strung in tight hubs (width 65 mm). The wheels developed specifically for the cycle and achieve greater rigidity while significantly lower rolling resistance. Hubs Remerx are produced on industrial bearings specifically for the cycle. Achieve extreme rigidity and higher flanges are provided with the reasons for resistance to lateral dynamic forces.

Handlebar height is fixed and for user with height above 195 cm is recommended to increase the height of the handlebar with the optional stem. Scooter TOUR DOG 3 is equipped with handlebars MTB, which can provide an elegant serving MTB bag for easy storage of small objects, such as phone, keys, wallet, but i capes or spanners . Wear layer is on the bottom side provided with a special welding, thus increasing the rigidity and durability of the lower frame and protects the scooter when potential collision situations. Scooter TOUR DOG 3 can be equipped with a spacer ring that allows you to increase the tread 25 mm.


Tootja Kostka
Värv Khaki, Must, Valge
Kaalupiirang 150kg
Kaal 9.7000
Esimene ratas 26"
Tagumine ratas 20"
Juhtraua kõrgus 100 cm
Kogupikkus 174 cm
Juhtraua laius 62 cm
Astmelaua pikkus 42 cm
Sisekummi ventiil Auto
Veljed (pöiad) Double-wall
Rummud Remerx 65 mm
Pidurid Shimano Alivio
Juhtraua hoidja MTB
Juhtraud MTB
Rehvid Schwalbe Black Jack