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  1. Esla Scooter 4100
  2. Esla Scooter 4102
  3. Esla 4103, blue

    Esla 4103

    389,00 €

  4. Esla Kickcycle 3300
  5. Esla Cityspark 3600
  6. Esla CITYMAX 3800, blue
  7. Esla Rollator 6504, red

    Esla Rulaator 6504

    349,00 €

    ESLA Rollator cycle is Finnish quality
    Rollator is a safe vehicle for getting around outdoors and indoors. Carefree, unbreakable rubber sponge wheels are suitably soft and they are applicable on all surfaces.

    ESLA Rollator has been designed and manufactured in Finland. It has been developed to meet the requirements of users. The Rollator is always delivered to the customer completely assembled and adjusted.

    Rollator has been made for everyday use. 
    The Rollator is a good help in shopping and running errands. It may be folded and is easy to take with you to a taxi, for example. A spacious basket is a standard accessory in all ESLA Rollators.

    The Rollator is easy to use
    The front wheels turn 360°, the handlebars may be adjusted individually (for both hands separately) and the Rollator is safe to use due to proper hand brakes. Because of its stable structure the Rollator will not fall.

    The Rollator has also parking brakes and padded seat for resting.
    ESLA Rollator has fully passed all the durability- and stability tests.
    ESLA Rollator has been designed for the max user weight of 130 kg.

    Technical data
    Width: 59 cm
    Inner width: 44 cm
    Length: 72 cm
    Adjustable height: 78 - 99 cm
    Seat height: 62 cm
    Weight: 9.7 kg
    Unburstable wheels: 200 x 50 mm
    Max. weight of the user: 130 kg

    Standard equipment:
    Brakes for both hands
    Parking brakes
    Lightly operated brake cables
    Spacious basket
    Padded seat
    Standard colours red and blue   


7 ese(t)

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